Nail technician : sample resume

Manicure master - a specialist in the care of the skin and nails on the hands. There is such a position in almost any beauty salon and hairdressing salon. In addition, it is not uncommon for manicure and pedicure masters in private practice.


For quite a long time, care for the hands was characterized to a greater extent for the fair sex. However, over time it became apparent that a well-groomed body is a guarantee of health and helps to create an attractive image. The modern man should take care of his health and appearance regardless of sex or age. That is why men have also become frequent visitors of manicure salons.

The work of the nail technician resume may consist of the following steps:

  • acquaintance with the client;
  • Examining the skin and the quality of nails;
  • listening to the wishes of the client;
  • consultation and selection of procedures;
  • performance of procedures.

Training. Pros and cons. Requirements.

The attractiveness of this profession lies in the relatively simple training. No special profile education is not required. It is enough to finish the courses. However, it is important to understand that a couple of months of training do not give an opportunity to count on full-fledged employment. To work effectively in this position it is necessary to regularly attend seminars, acquire new knowledge and skills.

Among the main advantages of the profession are the following:

  • relatively easy employment (for qualified masters);
  • opportunity to work for oneself;
  • high wages (with the accumulated client base);
  • comfortable conditions for work.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • constant communication with people;
  • a high probability of stressful situations;
  • Unstable income (if there is no customer base);
  • limited opportunities for career growth.

To work effectively it is necessary to have the following qualities:

  • resistance to stress;
  • well-developed fine motor skills of hands;
  • the ability to find common language with different people;
  • neatness;
  • grooming.

The master must know and observe all sanitary and hygienic rules of work, understand lacquers and care products, have all the necessary techniques and skills that are required to perform the procedures.

Job Search

Qualified master of manicure and pedicure is quite a sought-after worker. There are dozens of beauty salons and hairdressing salons in almost every locality. This means that an experienced specialist with a good track record is relatively easy to find a suitable job.

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