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Stop using unconvincing constructions like "I would be very happy to become a part of the company," "it will be an honor for me," "I really would love to" - looking over these jaded phrases, HR should wipe away a tear and call you right away? No, it's not like that. Use variety, emotions, stories, and jokes; that is, write interestingly. And you will have a cool job without any cover letter writing service. But if it's tight, then you can use these cover letter writing service.

We offer you top tips on how to please your future employer.

Start your letter enthusiastically

Sometimes the employer doesn't want to see the list of skills that correspond to the stated position, but true love and passion for the work. Show your incredible desire to work in this company. This is a much more catchy factor from a human point of view.

Start by expressing interest in the company

If you already love this brand and even want to work there, this is an ideal option for a company because you are familiar with its product and are ready to sell it yourself! But don't go overboard with flattery.

Start by describing personal qualities and accomplishments

This is also very important, and we would even call it one of the most honest ways to get a recruiter's attention—only truth, abilities, achievements.

Start writing your letter creatively and humorously

Who doesn't love getting friendly and funny emails? This is better than the same type of boring. Just check your sense of humor a little. Otherwise, sometimes it really becomes rather sad.

How to achieve a pleasing effect? Here are some of the coolest life hacks for you.

  1. Human factor

Write as if to a friend. That is, to a friend to whom you want to tell about what a cool candidate you are. Maybe he doesn't know about this story. And he doesn't understand why you want to join the company.

It is not necessary to imagine a real friend with whom you grew up together. Let it be just a person on the other side of the screen, who does not want to read the same letters, is tired of work, wants to be a little happier and more successful.

  1. Knowledge of the company, philosophy

We've probably talked about this a hundred times already, but still. If you want to immediately declare yourself as a professional and a person who is not superficial about finding a job and a specific position in the company, then conducting some research about it is simply a must.

  1. Details

Details are important because they decide and make your "image" a little more complete and human. Do not write a vast letter or talk about your bad life experiences; this can turn the person off. We all have our problems. Don't talk about them.

  1. Simplicity

Note that none of the useful emails will contain abstruse words or long sentences with many phrases. So they become completely unreadable. Especially if HR has already opened 58 letters...

  1. Aesthetics

Believe me, it is equally important. It would help if you made everything look neat. If the letter itself has a different font size, color, strange mail, signature, a resume is called "ayvprrrv", then somehow it becomes clear that not so much a person seems to need all this.

A cover letter is usually no more than one page long and is four or five paragraphs long. In the first paragraph, you must introduce yourself and explain why writing the letter. In the second, describe your professional skills. In the third, answer the question of why you are a suitable candidate for the vacancy. The last paragraph must necessarily contain a call to action: ask the addressee to schedule an interview for you and provide your contacts.

A cover letter is your chance to stand out from other candidates with relevant experience. The primary purpose of writing a cover letter is to convince a recruiter to open and read your resume. The presence of a cover letter for the resume also indicates the serious intentions of the candidate. A cover letter can be critical for two equally qualified candidates. 

Therefore, be sure to write cover letters yourself or use the cover letter writing service, whichever is more convenient for you.

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